545 N.E. 118th Ave. Rd. Silver Springs FL 34488 US


I operate a complete guide service for fishing all lakes and rivers in Central Florida.  My target species is Black Crappie and I fish for them 12 months of the year.  I am also available for diving, bird watching and river tours.  I have been Crappie fishing professionally for 15 years and I hold an IGFA line class record in Florida for Black Crappie.  I fish 3 tournament trails with many wins and top 10 finishes and have qualified for Bass Pro Crappiemasters Classic ten times and Cabella's Crappie USA Classic 12 .times  My customers become lifelong clients.


Capt. Mike Baker The Crappie Fisherman

 $100.00 deposit required By mail send check two weeks previous or pay with Pay Pal two weeks Before

ABOUT Capt. Mike Baker

It's a jungle out there, and navigating it requires a real pro. You can count on Capt. Mike Baker to get you anywhere the fish are.